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Soil Sampling

From the vehicle to the results via the method, our soil sampling service is all new.

In partnership with Hutchinsons, and using Terra Map we can produce high resolution soil maps that will help you manage your land and soil.

Utilising a custom modified Suzuki Jimny with low ground pressure tyres we can sample in most conditions and get you the results you need.

All results are delivered back to the client via the Omnia platform which acts as a hub for all your land information.

Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing more details of this service and how it can benefit you and your business. First of all though, a bit more about how it works!

Using a soil scanner that takes constant readings, the whole field is captured by driving over it at set distance passes. The software and hardware onboard then calculate particular points of interest in the field where soil samples are taken to calibrate the scans for accuracy.

After scanning the samples are sent to a lab for testing. These samples are combinded with the scan results by software to create a map that contains 21 different high-resolution layers of your fields. Using these we can provide detailed and accurate advice with demonstratable benefits.

The results are also available on the Omnia platform which enables any farmer to combine land compliance with management.

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