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C A MacPhail Consulting

C A MacPhail Consulting has 20 years' experience in Agricultural Consultancy. Our core workload is focussed on strategic business advice and assisting clients to establish a clear vision for their businesses. Our strengths are in one to one discussion with farmers or in facilitating group meetings. We also help clients build their professional networks and navigate through the succession process.

We have delivered multiple knowledge exchange projects including the Borders and Lothians Monitor Farms. Our strong facilitation skills and our delivery approach, motivates farmers to get involved and drive projects to ensure they remain current and deliver maximum benefit to the industry. We also work in collaboration with other industry professionals, research organisations and farmers to deliver relevant and innovative projects.

We have a broad range of technical knowledge and a wealth of practical hands-on experience within the dairy, beef and sheep sectors, managing businesses of significant scale and working to develop leadership, organisational, communication and people management skills.

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Colin MacPhail - Founding Partner
Technical Specialist

Alice Rankin

5 | Agri Ltd.

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